Qiao is a programmer.

Dwelling in Berlin after surviving the New Normal. Occupied with prototyping, she was previously a software engineer at Goodpatch Gmbh working with startups and traditional enterprises. Commited to mingle with other enthusiastic creatures at the School of Poetic Computation, in an redemptative act from agency hustle. She savors long distance cycling with her 35mm film camera.

Available for collaboration

Drink deep, or taste not the Perisian Spring

Some day dream sketches:


Consonant Clusters Karaoke

Built in openFrameworks, a singing machine that teases at the ranges of possible phonetic sounds. As part of School of Poetic Computation showcase, over a hundred participants sang over the course of three days.

Manifesto for the Noble Self

A podcast episode on Manifestos for the Internet Age, via interviews, generative text with natural language processing, and human-machine readings

Code Poetry

A series of exploration in generative text with mathematical and natural language processing procedures at the School of Poetic Computation

Platform hacks

Over the Air Chiken Soup

Is a scraping script for search engine images while working for artist Trevor Paglen. Reappropiated to spam 1000 Chicken Soup images when a dear friend has a cold and you simply cannot reach.

Conversations with many Siri

Speech to text Transcriptions, text to text Translation, and text to speech Utterances. A presentation for Cocaoheads(iOS developers) on Cloud solutions for IoT products.


A sprite game built on satelittle view of Jeffersonian agriculture landscape, tranversing portals to randomize parts of the google earth street view.

Field notes

Life is not a stage

Hamburg Fisch markt observation notes of market stall performances on a typical Sunday.


a simulation of emotional tweets accross Manhattan using Watson API from IBM to diagnosis the sentiments of residents's tweets. Rendering blue and red clouds in realtime across city blocks.


Foam core, the architectural Play-Doh for formalist diagrams, dead-panned into brick-size blocks for meditative sitting. Instructed a class of colleagues to sit for an hour on this costly, precious, blue foam; trading fantasies for material conscience.



portfolio website for a partner in crime, together we are * ~ Al Gusto ~ * a production duo on speculative fiction.

Tangible Intangibles

Architecture as Logistics: as coordinations of program schedules, spatial scores, stage instructions. A utilitarian code of conduct which sets the parameters for participation, interpretation and imagination.


Digital artifacts fabricated for a speculative future of urban farming with artist Ben Schumacher