Repetition drives expertise.

Qiao, is a coder, aspiring poet and ex-architect. Just recovered from a bike-trip around the island of Taiwan, she is currently hibernating in Berlin as a proud furniture fixture of Goodpatch.

Available for collaboration

Some of my day dream sketches

Over the Air Chiken Soup

Is a scraping script for search engine images while working for artist Trevor Paglen. Reappropiated to spam 1000 Chicken Soup images when a dear friend has a cold and you simply cannot reach.

Conversations with many Siri

Speech to text Transcriptions, text to text Translation, and text to speech Utterances. A presentation for Cocaoheads(iOS developers) on Cloud solutions for IoT products.

Life is not just a stage

@Hamburg Fisch markt observation notes of market stall performances on a typical Sunday.

excuse me, A K M-Y

portfolio site for a partner in crime, together we are * ~ Al Gusto ~ * a production duo on speculative fiction.


A sprite scene game built on satelittle view of Jeffersonian agriculture landscape, tranversing portals to randomize parts of the google earth street view.


a hackathon project on emotional tweets accross Manhattan using Watson API from IBM to diagnosis the sentiments of residents's tweets. Rendering blue and red clouds in realtime across city blocks.

Speculation of Vertical farming

fabrications for artist Ben Schumacher