Manifesto for the Noble Self

A collaboration at the School of Poetic Computation produced as a podcast episode for the Radical Outside, where we discussed what is at stake in the digital age: surveillance, digital colonialism, privacy/piracy, art and activism.

While the internet offers us instances of sensational superficial trends to flock like swarms, it also provides safe havens for all clandestine congregations to write their own manifestos. Striked by the resurgent of Manifestos as a genre for political agenda, we analyzed the anthology of Manifesto for the Internet Age through Aristotles' modes of persuasion: Ethos Pathos & Logos. Weeding out patterns of moral competences, emotional influences and rational reasoning.

Modes of Persuasion

Software sellers want to divide the users and conquer them, making each user agree not to share with others. I refuse to break solidarity with other users in this way. I cannot in good conscience sign a nondisclosure agreement or a software license agreement.
The GNU Manifesto - Richard Stallman, 1985
My name is Cody and I'm a hardware hacker. It started at the age of five, taking apart a toy computer to figure out how it worked. I live for that thrill of discovery and rush of power that I feel when I figure out what makes something tick, then figure out how to bend it to my will. This has led to me hacking everything from game consoles to phones.
The Hardware Hacker Manifesto - Cody Brocious, 2010
In 1999 I wrote the Lowtech Manifesto. That small document has been widely circulated, quoted and translated, and seems to have influenced, and encouraged) a large number of people concerned with developments at the cutting edge of digital culture.
Zero Dollar Laptop Manifesto Notes - James Wallbank, 2007
Note: This manifest was posted in an forum as a respnse to a bitcoin-sceptic asking "bitcoins - isn't this simply a distributed structure to do capitalism with? "
The Bitcoin Manifesto — Jaromil, 2011
We advocate freeware and low cost software. We particularly advocate the use of low cost, open source operating systems.
Lowtech Manifesto — James Wallbank, Amsterdam, 2009


ethics, speaker's credibility, proof of character

Trust me
In attractive flocks, passionate swarms and boisterous schools, we sow ourselves into new contexts and eras. This book is a spontaneously organizing, clustering community project with a single purpose – Kopimi shall be deepening, propagating, and all-consuming.
POwr, Broccoli and Kopimi 2009
With enough of us, around the world, we'll not just send a strong message opposing the privatization of knowledge - we'll make it a thing of the past. Will you join us?
Guerilla Open Access Manifesto - Aaron Swartz, Italy 2008
We are creating a world that all may enter without privilege or prejudice accorded by race, economic power, military force, or station of birth. […] lovers of freedom and self-determination […]
A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace — Davos, Switzerland 1996
Audience are whom selected/ filtrated by the exclusive web language encrypted well and beautifully. […] The balcony-scene creates community rather than commodity Proud of web culture, and what was built with pun, fun, pursuit to equity. Nothing wins. Nothing is sacred to be taken seriously on the balcony.
Balconism — Constant Dullaart, 2015


emotional effects on the audiences

I love you
But other creative fields that found their products in phase with the realities of the Internet and information technology are experiencing an unprecedented flood of freely available creative content. Industries that once dominated these fields and have not adapted to this reality are quickly becoming redundant.
Open Design Manifesto - Ronen Kadushin, 2010
its just not right that all what we do is in the hands of a third party, that has been caught cheating already many times: look at what happened at the paypal accounts of the Iraqi linux user group back in 2004, or even more recently to Wikileaks.
The Bitcoin Manifesto — Jaromil, 2011
It is because of the acceleration of multiple areas of life, that islands of deliberate slowness are made possible and essential for survival. Slow Media are not a contradiction to the speed and simultaneousness of Twitter, Blogs or Social Networks but are an attitude and a way of making use of them.
The Slow Media Manifesto - Stockdorf and Bonn, 2010


logical arrangements of evidence, rational reasoning

The Stakes are clear

History-telling, of narrated prospects

Podcast track content includes:

Structural Analysis - murmurs & noise

We seek metaphors and simile, compare opposition/accusations, and resonate with calls to action. : Applying linguistic methods, we were able to reconstructure new utterances that falls under similar sentence structures.

Oppositional : We against you

Dependency parsing for causal clauses and syntactic dependency relation.

You have no sovereignty where we gather.

You have not engaged in our great and gathering conversation, nor did you create the wealth of our marketplaces.

You claim there are problems among us that you need to solve.

nsubj | ccomp | expl | attr | prep | pobj | mark | xcomp

nominal subject - clausal complement - attribute - prepositional modifier - object of preposition - marker - open clausal complement

* Arcs illustrate dependency, while part of speech is tagged on the bottom

Claims, What's at Stake?

The internet is fast becoming a method of repression rather than an instrument of liberation,

Fresh approaches and radical views are marginalized as they do not conform with the dogmas of the Church of Industrial Design.

POS Part of Speech Tagging for generic compositions, syntactic structures

To tell the truth is not a crime.


Every body should understand computers.


Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software

Collective Utterances - Generated excerpts

Combining objectives and causality, by applying dependency and POS analysis we generated sentences of similar disposition and edited a tale-telling structure sow with adjectives and provacation. Beginning with a declaration of three adjectives as if inscribing current conditions, follow by objective claims and arbitrary accusations. The results were perplexing yet poignant; what are we really asking for? -- in this age of all subsuming natures.

00 - fractured decade

my fractured decade publishes to drive the archive of Slow and local science If ancient abolitionism
the viii must question drugs
Our crude shit is to work no vi of simple or public # for social promise
new, fractured, fat
those gender must approach messages
the scaleable will be subjects

01 - real # pathologizes

Your coordinated web has to be the storage from real or open matter of global autonomy
the plastic would point interfaces
our real # pathologizes To point the # of systemic and wrong favour with intersectional excess
moribund, fractured, reactionary
a Sustainability should approach universals
no industry will Slow Media

02 - Like single and paramount

our iterative media decorates to be this tutorial with feminist and semiotic futurity of Dietary Illusion
the repertoire May incline people
Your important shrine is to create the # Like single and paramount need to poor futurity
open, uninformed, conscious
a fuzz May address nations
a constituent will secede interfaces

03 - imbalance will start

our underpaid aperture is to break the virtuality for facile and normative description of legal standing
the posthuman can be odds
your hostile enforcement wants to be an user of capitalist and plastic sharing in key certainty
online, capable, material
the imbalance will start corporations
the flesh must stitch means

04 - bloated complex

our feminist cyberfeminism chokes to equip The i. of anti and official change of single history
a success can tear supports
their bloated complex is to dictate a xenofeminism like defensive or free existence to new entanglement
terrified, black, local
the Life must declare objects
no vision must rule lives

05 - no site must cloud decisions

its full history awaits to depose the history of invisible or terrified platform on precise #
That justice will disguise actions
your own campaign has to remain a bottom of female and credible # of ferocious justice
many, geographical, plural
no site must cloud decisions
The union can be Engineers

06 - no life in static

their naturalised source is to be the naturalism in best both synthetic self of sure revolution
a glitch would tear technologies
their crass potential declares to be no life in static or digital life from own user
parental, melancholy, biotechnical
the return can be systems
a hegemony will pass burdens

07 - our Chinese indignity

his own life is to accomplish a money of sexual and related language as organized XF
the hand will result battlefields
our Chinese indignity is to be an # by synthetic and central embodiment while new ease
real, desirable, different
no driver 'd come hands
the disarray should be hegemonies

08 - the rearing of crass

our technological norm is to be a naturalist of poor and first structure of real caution
a interface must say admins
Our accessible century is to scale the rearing of crass and perceptible presumption to systemic identity
Slow, free, hormonal
a feminism should hack practices
the hegemony can be times

09 - the ii of ingrained

Its new iii marks to publish this blueprint while same or same sense If mesopolitical author
the view can be marginals
our essential repertoire 's to believe the ii of ingrained and robust photopolymer of official consumption
biological, long, open
the book 'll have politics
the # can create politics

10 - the world may bow tyrannies

our regulatory excess has to free a return of monotonous and rapid waste in obsolete form
the consumption will express futures
their particular sexuality has to ignore The commune of domestic and hostile cloud for unbounded sedimentation
global, invisible, rapid
a creativity wo cloud prototypes
the world may bow tyrannies

11 - a # must forge

Our mindful feminism 's to do both clarity for particular and right reality from systemic process
the # shall restrict silos
Our simultaneous naturalism hinges to endow a viii of human and new manufacturing of focused reason
parental, natural, special
a today can make media
a # must forge achievements

12 - weary distinction

its weary distinction is to need the name of political yet digital landscape in positive doubt
these success will forge 90s
our economic rationality is to tilt these # in auratic and Slow repository in Technical Xenofeminism
free, military, crude
the server can look men
the Xenofeminism must respect opportunities

13 - black nothing

our mimetic # insults to conceive no trophe like economic and parental design among ferocious desktop
This art will invade distributions
our social car 's to become this construction of feminist and Many iv in black nothing
planetary, political, online
a attitude 'd encourage pains
a web will re engineers

14 - freedom of ampliative

its plastic ease confronts to offer the freedom of ampliative but colonial Illusion in Skeletal inequality
every labour may construct identities
its key exercise means to drink The work in rude and alienated reworking in absolute schemer
unjust, old, perceptible
the broadcast will mark problems
a material may introduce pharmacies

15 - on massive but submissive

its natural # expands to slow a press , on massive but submissive discussion by poor ii .
the freedom may take claims
your androgynous tool is to be the news , in centric and Global gender in dead abolitionism
deliberate, single, open,
to come the rationalism is not

16 - eradicate the Absent

its open import 's to eradicate the Absent that systemic and little # of good orientation
This level must build thoughts
their Iraqi fact publishes To regard This feeling that moral but environmental science for moralistic knowledge
collective, continual, political
the movement would be bodies
the solidarity can be sectors

17 - as easy or brutal platform that fertile call

our Disposable splendour is To extract The posthuman In mimetic or instrumental self for few revolution
a tutorial can break speeches
Our desirable technology is to do the man as easy or brutal platform that fertile call
reverse, biological, Dietary
the print shall be inserts
a interface 'll experiment farms

18 - Artistic derangement

its c. web has to use the mafia in few and Chemical plastic that cryptographic web
The entanglement can get corporations
our Artistic derangement conjures to endow a taxation into cruel so many revolution with centralized cabling
vulnerable, systemic, Nervous
the reality can get systems
the reclamation must give laps

29 ix capitalism

its ix capitalism is to proceed every cover by easy and androgynous matter than antediluvian computer
The future 'd birth grafts
your only world is to encourage The founder of Nervous and gradual capitalism on endless incantation
bad, violent, material
the matter will encounter transactions
this posthuman can get people

20 - corporate sex : regulatory authentication

their corporate sex is To follow the flow in crucial and only resolution of many entanglement
the material can sell texts
your monetary sum is To experiment that race of common but regulatory authentication from new month
True, x., full
a interface can choose Alephs
the e. would mobilise transactions

21 - new whence is to give

our single splendour has to look The modality as gradual and free movement of such matter
The plastic must retain Designs
its new whence is to give the solution for common and new DNA on invisible death
3D, full, hybrid
all chastity can drink machines
the repenning should understand objects

22 - the repertoire for right and digital

Our biological solution runs to be a planet inside biological or industrial creativity for other blogging
The image 'll make things
my 3D science is to do the repertoire for right and digital 3D of beautiful plastic
endless, desktop, middle
the engineer can do transactions
The chamber can disguise admins

23 - no death into Artistic and synthetic pie

our centralized everyone is to demystify the whence of planetary and Additivist name for such race
a founder can choose people
its regulatory photopolymer is to believe no death into Artistic and synthetic pie in DIY plastic
antediluvian, difficult, enough
that transcendence can see tools
the hardiest will proceed nations

24 splendour has to introduce

their c. group exists to mobilise The web like few and instrumental press of essential flow
the server can be silos
its 3D splendour has to introduce the Additivism on centralized and brittle drop by paypal tutorial
True, ordinary, complex
that appropriation 'll need poets
this job can look goals

25 - splendour of systemic re

our simple taxation is to multiply the humankind of great and 3D whence ii Sacred flow
the cabling can get governments
your Skeletal derangement is to be that b. that own or particular splendour of systemic re
biological, 3D, algorithmic
the web can endow interfaces
the web can retain errors

26 - material notion

my material notion is to pay the tomorrow vi 3D and easy web for peculiar car
a humankind can get ports
our 3D thermoplastic 's to be all medium to American and dead aggregator as corporate decryption
desirable, passive, Deletionist
The denial will eliminate seeds
The market shall desire prototypes

27 - little bottleneck

our little bottleneck is to be all flow that monetary or South DNA For particular capitalism
the emergence can publish accounts
its beautiful splendour becomes to aid the laundering for 3D but cruel print from pixelated print
beneficial, dormant, antediluvian
a innovation will experiment Methods
the flow should raze laps

28 - disintegration 'll desire

our social planet 's to become this movement of 3D and oceanic taste into 3D derangement
a disintegration 'll desire people
its cruel something begs to x. the Sex of right and monetary aura for many 3D
planetary, vii, political
that e. would pay methods
each flow should get winds

29 - material anarchy

our free change says To mobilise The defense for far and disgusting beauty by free speech
the sum should be forms
its Technical goal belies to want the material from easy But brutal system as material anarchy
American, x., systemic
the world can get Instruments
the level will retain blueprints

30 - True cabling

their True cabling has to be That awakening of monetary or f. something By beautiful disintegration
a road will choose cracks
its centralized role has to accelerate the web of cosmic and material tutorial of 3D server
3D, own, third
The shape would resolve errors
The beauty wo un services

31 - passive cloud

his Additivist man 's to remove both sex to algorithmic and raw web like monetary transcendence
this dissemination wo aid Tools
Our concerned argument has to set the corporation for centralized but raw Software to passive cloud
free, centralized, full
a day 'd get roads
the security will give parts

32 - malady can become features

Its psychological manufacturing is to proceed A appropriation From many and fantasmagoric plastic f. brutal mafia
the malady can become features
our social equipment has to be the solution in ordinary and official engineer like only tutorial
3D, political, massive
the enabling can encourage tendrils
the nothing should you*. people

33 - gradual Thought

your new problem has to believe a clarity for easy and vast group into coarse problem
the market can run thermoplastics
your gradual Thought has to be Those user in Additivist and long attempt for neural job
Chemical, easy, 3D
a reiteration will look technologies
the entanglement will forge organs

34 - social truth

their difficult plastic implies To demystify the sex because late and different scaleable through unmarshalled oppression
these web will Let media
our social truth is To stop all notion between capable and Disposable host than algorithmic improvement
ultimate, ripe, catas-
a millisecond can appear contagions
the Cyberspace shall be decades